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• Thursday, March 14th, 2013

There are some specific things to do if you are buying one of these beautiful lots in Bastrop, Texas.  It is such a wonderful place that of course you need to visit it before you purchase, if for no other reason to get a feel for the community and the people.  Every place has an energy and the “vibes” there in Bastrop are fabulous.  It feels charming and welcoming and like a breath of fresh air.hings

So the first thing to do is to visit the area where you intend to buy the land.  If you can’t visit it and if you are lucky enough to know somebody in the area, have them go and give you a report.

Do some research about the area.  Find out the temperature and the topography and the infrastructure, all of which can be found with a little effort on the internet.

Watch for step two next week.


• Friday, February 15th, 2013

Think about how you want your future to look.  Is it going to look like the life you are leading now in every detail?  If not, what would you change?  Would you change where you live at least part of the year?  Want some sunshine and community feeling, a sense of belonging?  Or want to live several blocks away from the neighbors but still in an area that has amenities?

Buying land might be the answer, the first step on your path of planning for your future.  You can make payments on some of our vacant lots that are less than your Starbucks coffee budget per month. How cool is that?

This picture shows one lot only.   It is located in Tahitian Village in Bastrop, Texas.  I was there last week and it was 80 degrees one day.  Sure beats the rain and snow!

111 Makua Court

111 Makua Court

This is a lovely buildable lot at the end of a cul-de-sac.  There is one house at the beginning of the cul-de-sac so water and power are available.  There are homes across the main street also.  But this lot affords seclusion and will be easy to design a dream vacation or retirement home.

• Saturday, February 09th, 2013

Roses are red, violets are blue, land lasts forever and it’s a good investment for you.  With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, show your devotion and commitment to each other by giving a gift that last forever. Or treat yourself to an investment in your own future. It’s so much more meaningful than chocolates!

We have beautiful raw land which can be the cornerstone of your retirement or relocation dreams   Take advantage now of making low monthly payments. We’ll carry the contract. See our Texas Tab for the entire inventory of beautiful parcels of raw land in Texas.  We have 12 to choose from.

Explore Bastrop, Texas.  The state park is right across the street from Tahitian Village where all the beautiful parcels are located.

The City of Bastrop, Texas is a unique blending of old and new. Nestled on the banks of the Colorado River, the historic district offers a delightful selection of shops and restaurants as well as B&B’s. Nearby neighborhoods contain over 100 historic homes.

• Wednesday, January 16th, 2013


Are you tired of the weather where you are?  Here are some examples of temperatures around the country today:

Seattle: 43 high, 34 low, part sun

Chicago: 39 high, 21 low, snow

Philadelphia: 45 high, 39 low, rain

Madison WI: 32 high, 7 low, snow

Bismark: 34 high, 14 low, snowale

Butte MT: 30 high, 3 low, part sun

Bastrop, TX: 61 high, 37 low, sunshine!

Bastrop, TX.

Bastrop, TX.


Are you seeing the difference?  Texas is the place to be right now.  You can travel there for a visit or you can travel there as a snow bird for the season or you can live there permanently.

To see our inventory, click on the Texas tab.  For $500 you can take the first step toward happiness.

Remember:  Today is the last day of the way you used to be!  Don’t wait.  Next year you will be going through the same chilly weather unless you take steps to change that pattern today.


• Sunday, December 30th, 2012

Meandering down a road in the Bastrop State Park The area of Bastrop, Texas has so much to offer!  This is only one example of the scenery.  Down the well-maintained road in the State Park, which is across the highway from the Tahitian Village, you will find trails, camping sites, lookout areas and a lake.  Think about this when the weather where you are is cold and snowy!  The day I was there in December 2012 it was 86 degrees!  Paradise doesn’t get any better than this.  And you can own a piece of it for only $500 down.  Contact us for more details.

• Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Take a moment, close your eyes, fill your lungs and just … drift.  Think about where you would like to be five years from now, ten years from now.  What would you like to be doing?  If the answer is, “something else!”, then today is the day to start making that dream come true.  Pick your climate, pick your time of year, even pick your ideal surroundings.  Then systematically go after it.  If your future involves moving, then think about what part of the country appeals to you.  Then look at our tabs and see if we have anything in the state you are attracted to.

Start with some land, then maybe camp on it to get the feel for it, or just find a builder and go fo it!  You can have anything you want when you design it.  Or find a plan that you like that already exists, then take it to a builder and put your dream home on a piece of beautiful raw land that you found in our inventory.