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• Wednesday, January 16th, 2013


Are you tired of the weather where you are?  Here are some examples of temperatures around the country today:

Seattle: 43 high, 34 low, part sun

Chicago: 39 high, 21 low, snow

Philadelphia: 45 high, 39 low, rain

Madison WI: 32 high, 7 low, snow

Bismark: 34 high, 14 low, snowale

Butte MT: 30 high, 3 low, part sun

Bastrop, TX: 61 high, 37 low, sunshine!

Bastrop, TX.

Bastrop, TX.


Are you seeing the difference?  Texas is the place to be right now.  You can travel there for a visit or you can travel there as a snow bird for the season or you can live there permanently.

To see our inventory, click on the Texas tab.  For $500 you can take the first step toward happiness.

Remember:  Today is the last day of the way you used to be!  Don’t wait.  Next year you will be going through the same chilly weather unless you take steps to change that pattern today.