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• Thursday, March 14th, 2013

There are some specific things to do if you are buying one of these beautiful lots in Bastrop, Texas.  It is such a wonderful place that of course you need to visit it before you purchase, if for no other reason to get a feel for the community and the people.  Every place has an energy and the “vibes” there in Bastrop are fabulous.  It feels charming and welcoming and like a breath of fresh air.hings

So the first thing to do is to visit the area where you intend to buy the land.  If you can’t visit it and if you are lucky enough to know somebody in the area, have them go and give you a report.

Do some research about the area.  Find out the temperature and the topography and the infrastructure, all of which can be found with a little effort on the internet.

Watch for step two next week.